XtremeSportsID from Interbike


By Jen Moore,VeloReviews.com

XtremeSportsID is proprietary, online Emergency IdentificationSystem (EIS) health care technology that provides first responderswith instant, customer controlled, vital information, via telephoneor web. Unlike its cousins, which include dog tag styles, metallicbracelets, ankle bands or shoe attachments the XtremeSportsID is asimple yet effective silicone band. Worn on your wrist like anyother awareness band the Sports ID is comfortable and wearable inall situations.

The XtremeSportsID bracelet is a lightweight, weatherproof,durable wristband stamped with the medical alert symbol, a unique8-digit code, and a toll free number that immediately connects thecaller with the wearer’s vital information such as emergencycontacts information and essential data including medical alerts,medications, allergies, primary physician contact, insuranceprovider, and much more. In an emergency, first responders, who aretrained to check for medical alert bracelets, can call thetoll-free number, enter the unique 8-digit code, and hear aread-out of the wearer’s submitted information. Wearer’s registervital information on the XtremeSportsID website, where the data isstored on a secure server, accessible 24 hours a day.

The XtremeSportsID features a unique “Where Am I?” function,which enables wearers to log in and enter their planned activity,location and duration, such as “heading out for pedal up Left HandCanyon, expect to be home by 6PM.” This totally unique feature ofthe XtremeSportsID® product automatically alert the wearer’sdesignated contacts of their plans.

While at Interbike 2009 I was able to register my ID bracelet.Walking through the process to register took all of 3 minutes. Ausername, password, email and phone number were entered to getstarted. Once home I spent about 7-10 more minutes enteringallergies, emergency contacts, and insurance information. Theprocess couldn’t be simpler. Once entered the band is “live” andready to go. At $9.95 to purchase and $5.00 each year for renewalthis is certainly something I would encourage all my cycling andnon-cycling friends to explore. I’m considering purchasing one foreach of my kids as well.

Visit https://xtremesportsid.com topurchase yours. Available in 22 states with local emergencyservices educated by the owner of XtremeSportsID this is a surewin.