Why VeloReviews?

VeloReviews’ mission is to help cyclists of all levels:

– Find the best products for YOUR needs
– Meet people who share YOUR passion
– Discover places and events to enjoy YOUR Sport

VeloReviews was launched in June 2009 as a “labs project” withinPowerReviews and Buzzillions.com out of a need to bring credibility tocycling product reviews. While there are many web sites dedicatedto the different forms of cycling, none address legitimacy of thesource of individual product reviews. This is exactly what makesVeloReviews unique. By powering the Retailer’s customer productreview system PowerReviews is able to determine whether the sourceof the review is the purchaser of the product.

VeloReviews was created by Jeff Helfand who is a team member atPowerReviews. Jeff manages the partnerships with both the cyclingmanufacturers/brands and the cycling retailers for the company andhas a unique insight to what makes our love of this sport sospecial. He is a passionate road rider and cross country mountainbiker. Jeff was also a former VP with ConsumerREVIEW, includingit’s MTBR and RoadBikeReview web sites.

The goal is simple in concept and a touch complex in the execution.We want to create an environment for cyclists to share theirpassion and knowledge without elitism. Why call that out?It’s just a warning. VeloReviews is NOT a place for Members,Retailers and/or Brands to start flaming wars. If that’s your cupof tea, there are sites out there that will welcome you with openarms.

Please enjoy the site and don’t be a lurker…participateand share your passions for the roads, trails and the freedomcycling brings us all!