We just can’t keep this secret any longer…

From the desk of Dr.Evil,

After numerous back office meetings, an exhaustive global talentsearch and an exchange of undisclosed theoretical assets, I’m happyto inform you that a new cycling podcast will emerge early nextyear.

We cannot confirm nor deny that there may be some loose ties to TheFredcast. Further, we cannot confirm nor deny David Bernstein’sinvolvement. But mostly, we can’t deny it.

Should every player in the bike industry inquire as what this isall about? We can confirm that this indeed would be a great idea.podcast@veloreviews.com

…and now, a message from our ChiefContest Officer:

Folks, last month we created a new forum: 50 Questions for Mr. Boggs – aka stump the uber bike geek!

Here’s the deal. We need yourquestions to help launch the VeloReviews podcast. Yourquestions will be read on the show, so you could be famous. Atminimum, you’ll get the wisdom of our Technical Editor!

To help motivate you, we’re going to give away a Spot Satellite Messenger to onelucky winner. We will announce which question we feelwarrants the swag at the end of the first podcast episode. Get your questions in now!

Our podcast will also have something special for our femalelisteners. More on that, to come.

…in other site news, we have somegreat new videos for your viewing pleasure fromInterbike.

2010Masi Bikes 3VC Team Issue carbon fiber racing bike
2010Masi Speciale Ultimate collectors fixie bike
2010 FujiBikes SST 1.0

on behalf of Jeff…

– Dr. Evil out!