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Are you a Fred?

VeloReviews member DavidBernstein is. In fact, he’s the “head” Fred of The Fredcast CyclingPodcast. I recently had dinner with David when we happened tocross paths on a business trip to the Bay Area. We talked forliterally three hours straight!

First, I have to come clean. I am hooked on his weekly show. Soam I bias? Yes, bias as hell. But I think for good reasons. TheFredcast is a truly informative weekly show, dedicated to cyclingnews and the cycling scene. The audio podcast is well organized andprofessionally produced. Normally about an hour in length, so it’seasy to digest and my favorite segments are always the interviewsDavid conducts. He frequently has fascinating guests ranging fromcharity tour ride directors to pro team physicians. Recently Davidprofiled a Race Across Oregon cyclist. Really great stuff!

So, what is a Fred? Well, David explained to me that growing up,that’s what his buddies would call cyclists who had the fancy kitsand the ultra high-end bikes. “That’s a Fred”. And, he’s true toform, riding a Colnago and no doubt, decked out in the official Fredcast jersey. He’s certainly spent a gooddeal of time hammering the roads in France and is both an activeroad cyclist and mountain biker. Two years ago, David and hisfamily relocated to Park City, Utah. So he’s got the best of bothworlds, being an avid skier in winter and then spending hoursclimbing the sweet singletrack trails in the Wasatch Mountains.Plus, lot’s and lot’s of century rides. Yeah, he’s a Fred.

One of the things I most admire about The Fredcast is the amountof time David dedicates to the national and state laws pertainingto cyclists. He became interested in these topics after attendingthe League ofAmerican Bicyclists‘ annual Bike Summit in Washington DC a fewyears ago. “I learned a great deal about advocacy at that meetingand it opened my eyes to issues that I hadn’t even realized existedup to that point. Hearing about issues like Safe Routes to Schools,from advocates like Andy Clarke, and from legislators like EarlBlumenauer and James Oberstar had a real impact on the way I lookat cycling advocacy.” There’s a lot of effort that goes intolobbying and moving bills through state legislatures designed toprotect us two-wheelers. His attention to this subject, as well as,citing news stories about motor vehicle accidents and deaths areIMPORTANT. We should all care and I applaud The Fredcast fortackling this subject.

Currently, about 80,000 people per week listen to The Fredcastand David’s new show, “The Spokesmen”. TheSpokesmen is a cycling industry podcast where regular punditsand industry guests weigh in on the topics of the day. If you wouldlike to learn more about the companies and personalities that powerthe cycling industry, you should add this show to your iPodplaylist too.

Another item that struck me as we spoke for the first time inperson was his love for his family. “It’s family first.” Sooccasionally the show may be a bit late (not very often, I canattest), but you can be sure there’s a good reason.

David is also a big supporter of the MS Bike150, having been touched by MultipleSclerosis. It’s something we actually share in common and in-fact,I’m hoping to do the MS 150 ride in Las Vegas this November 7-8. David,will you join me?!!!

If getting a weekly fix of cycling ear candy sounds good to you,go subscribe to The Fredcast now! Are you a Fred?

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written by Jeff Helfand