Riding with Lance Armstrong, Los Angeles 09/10/09 report from Brian Hodes

Our very own BrianHodes of VeloImages shared his experience, riding with Lanceand the power of Twitter!

Traveling in cars, by train and on bicycles, they came. Withjust one “tweet”, The Man many believe is the greatest American ofour generation, successfully organized a casual bike ride yesterdayat Los Angeles Griffith Park. With utter anticipation they waitedpatiently and in an organized manner. And then, at 7:20 a smallgroup of cyclists were seen approaching the parking lot. In thelead, donning his black and white Mello Johnny’s kit andtrademarked black and yellow LiveStrong Helmet was The Man Himself-Lance Armstrong. Greeted with a roar of cheers, LA wasted littletime with the normal pre ride hoopla, and after a short interviewwith a local TV station…the words…”Let’s Ride” were heard. The1000 or so cyclists were treated to the opportunity to ride withthe Worlds’ best. exchanging pleasantries to anyone fortunate toride along side, LA seemed to be in a great mood with a constantsmile. After two laps around the park, LA spent a few minutessigning anything and everything presented to him before beingwhisked away for a flight to Canada. For those fortunate enough tocome out and ride yesterday (and show up late for work!), they willbe able to share that they once rode, if even for a short time,with a legend…Lance Armstrong.

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