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Sip-Stream HydrationSystem Product Review
Have you ever been riding down a somewhat less-than-smooth sectionof road, your throat is totally parched, but you can’t reach downfor a drink of water without risking a big crash? If that’s everhappened, then you may want to consider checking out the Sip-StreamHydration System, by Rider Sports Innovations. It’s an interestingnew product that may change the way you think about fuelingyourself during your rides.
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Cane Creek HeadsetFit Finder
In my constant search for technical innovations in cycling, I havestumbled across a new tool that has come into existence. Cane CreekCycling Components, makers of the 110 Headset platform (which has a110 Year Warranty – it’ll outlast YOU), has created a seeminglyfoolproof database of most major manufacturers and models and theirheadset standards. It’s easy… you type in the brand, model, andyear of your bike, and… voila! It tells you exactly which CaneCreek Headset(s) will work with your bike.
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Lazer Genesis – ProductReview
An video review featuring an unboxing and first test of the new2010 Laser Genesis road bike helmet with the Rollsys Fit System
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The Sufferest pro cyclingvideo training series
Are you ready to suffer? If you are, David McQuillen has puttogether a big batch of training whoop-ass, sure to help you becomea more competitive cyclist for this Spring season. No one loveswinter training and if they claim otherwise, I’d say you’re talkingto a big fibber! The Sufferest is a downloadable video trainingseries, which chooses to embrace this pain and set it to a viciousbeat. There are many videos on the market today to help motivatethe rider to stay on their turbo training while the mind wandersthrough the pretty scenery. The Sufferfest series takes a verydifferent approach.
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Ritchey Torque Wrench- Product Review
Back in 2007, I had to assemble several bikes for the pro women’steam I was working with at the time. On the first day of camp, theteam director pulled me to the side and gave me a small tool. Thetool was the Ritchey TorqKey, a mini-torque wrench with a 4mm bitthat was set to 5nm of force. She told me to keep it with me and touse it at all times with the team bikes. She thought it wasimportant enough to give each of the girls one, as well, to usewhen they assembled their bikes after travel. I kept the tool afterthe 2007 season, and have used the same Ritchey TorqKey buildingand repairing bikes almost every day since then.
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Jake Jacobson ofGarmin, “How to nail the dream job, in just a few shortweeks”
Fresh from completing his masters in professional communicationsfrom Iowa State University and having worked previously as aneditor for some local newspapers, Jake Jacobson moved to KansasCity and continued his career in the sports department of theKansas City Star.
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