BPSA Charges Ahead with New E-Bike Training

By Steve Frothingham

Boulder, CO: Following the successful launch of the Charged Upvideo staff training program in March 2017, the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) today released the second series on the Myagi training site. Here’s the link: https://myagi.com/s/chargedup2

Charged Up 2 presents five more training videos to shop staff and also includes a consumer-facing segment to be offered to retailers for their own sites through SmartEtailing, the NBDA, and several brands (Shimano, Giant, Raleigh Electric and CSG). See the first training video and the consumer video.

The three-class system is the main focus of Charged Up 2. “The three-class system is the backbone of our legislative efforts across all 50 states, to pass laws for equitable treatment of e-bikes,” noted Larry Pizzi, Chair of the BPSA E-Bike committee and President of Accell North America. “It’s clearly our responsibility as suppliers to get the three classes integrated in the supply chain, hence retail training on the subject.”

The second focus of Charged Up 2is the continued acceptance of the category from shop staff. “We’ve seen a positive shift in attitude over the past 18 months,” said Ray …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News