UK road brand Vielo coming to Sea Otter to court US dealers

By Steve Frothingham

GATESHEAD, England — U.K. distributor Vielo Sports launched its own Vielo bike brand in January 2018, with a focus on delivering an all-road bike, the V+1, that could be ridden more comfortably in harsh U.K. conditions.

“I wanted to provide a bike that was for U.K. riders riding in U.K. riding conditions. The tarmac we have is very poorly maintained, so regular road bike riders that are riding on 23-, 25- or even 28-mil tires are just getting beat up to shreds,” said Vielo Sports managing director Ian Hughes. “It’s wet in the U.K., so having mudguard eyelets is important. Cable routing: For some stupid reason the U.K. has the back brake on the left side, so on every single bike coming into the U.K. cable routing is a compromise, and I just didn’t want to compromise. I want to make it look really neat and tidy for U.K. customers.

“So that’s where it all started. Then of course it crosses over into the gravel scene and into adventure. So I really wanted to position the V+1 as an all-road, road-plus style of bike rather than just saying we’re engineering and producing another gravel bike. That kind of …read more

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