Trust Performance Launches U.S. Demo Program

By Steve Frothingham

Trail Head Cyclery, Arizona Cyclist and Worldwide Cyclery Announced as the First Authorized Demo Partners of Trust Performance

(Salt Lake City, UT – February 4, 2019) – Trust Performance, the leader in multi-link front suspension design, announced today the launch of its United States demo program. Trail Head Cyclery in Cupertino, CA, Arizona Cyclist in Tucson, AZ and Worldwide Cyclery West in Newbury Park, CA and Lancaster, PA become Trust Performance’s first authorized demo partners, each offering riders the opportunity to demo Trust Performance’s flagship multi-link front suspension design, the Message.

“We’re big believers in the demo experience. You can read about how the Message rides, but the only way to really understand how it enhances your trail experience is to ride it,” said Trust Performance CEO, Hap Seliga. “We’re pleased to partner with some of the finest bike shops in the country to launch this demo program and, most important, provide riders the opportunity to unpack the ride experience with professionals who understand the technology.”

Trust Performance launched its first multi-link front suspension design, the Message, in October of 2018. It is a notable departure from traditional telescopic suspension design, enabling the front of the bike to realize many of …read more

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