QBP Announces 2019 Dealer’s Choice Details

By Steve Frothingham

Through Dealer’s Choice, QBP and participating brands are working to support retailers in an evolving marketplace, giving them more control over how they spend their money, and working to grow ridership and the health of the industry.

More than just another discount program, Dealer’s Choice unites suppliers who support retailers by independently enforcing MAP, having channel integrity, and making great product. Paired with QBP’s logistical excellence and QBP-facilitated community outreach opportunities, Dealer’s Choice supports a more sustainable industry while keeping retailers front-and-center.

For 2019 Dealer’s Choice features smaller up-front commitments, lower buy-in amounts on select brands, and includes four new brands: PDW, Lezyne, CeramicSpeed, and K-Edge.

“Dealer’s Choice is much more than just another discount program. It is a realistic look at where the industry is at and what is needed to help our retailers succeed. By partnering with QBP, retailers are signing up for a sustainable strategy that will help them grow,” said Chris Negrete, QBP’s Director of Distribution Sales. “Although in its fourth year, we are just getting started and the momentum continues to grow for much needed change and long-term thinking. We’ll continue to value feedback and keep building.”

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News