Opinion: Are electric scooters a threat to the e-bike industry?

By Steve Frothingham

By Richard Thorpe

Editor’s note: Thorpe is the founder and designer of Gocycle.

Before I present my thoughts, it is only fair that I provide an introduction and confess that I have been involved in the electric bike industry for more than 16 years. My electric journey began in 2002 when I left McLaren Cars to set up my own business, Gocycle, with the mission of developing the world’s best urban electric bike.

Sixteen years on, and four models later, we are now an established industry player and continue to pioneer and push boundaries in our ongoing quest to design the perfect urban electric bike — and I truly believe that electric bikes are the best solution for personal, healthy, sustainable urban transport.

Silicon Valley Capitalizing on Public Transport Pressure

The electric scooter (e-scooter) boom has taken many by surprise, including those that set legislation in our cities. But, why have they taken off so quickly? It’s a combination of Silicon Valley’s deep pockets and relentless, possibly reckless, drive to deploy disruptive technology and the fact that cities are dealing with more pressure on public transport infrastructure than ever before with ever decreasing budgets. A match made in heaven. No city …read more

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