Should e-bikes be allowed on Mt. Tam? A forum is planned next week.

By Steve Frothingham

MARIN, Calif. (BRAIN) — The Marin Municipal Water District will hold a public workshop next week regarding e-bike use in the watershed the agency manages on Mt. Tamalpais, widely regarded as the birthplace of mountain biking, and a local retailer is urging e-bike riders and supporters to participate in and speak at the forum.

“The word on the street (and on the trail!) is that the MMWD has heard a lot from a vocal minority that is the anti-ebike crowd, advocating for banning access by e-bikes to MMWD fire roads. Ebike supporters in Marin, make your voices heard!” states an email from The New Wheel, an e-bike retailer with locations in Marin and San Francisco.

The email singles out fire roads since bikes of all kinds are prohibited on MMWD singletrack.

“It’s been a struggle here in Marin County. There are already lots of fights about bicycle access, and the e-bike adds another dynamic,” Brett Thurber, The New Wheel’s co-owner, told BRAIN. “The people who are anti-bicycle generally have swung into action to try to stop e-bikes because they see it as something that would add even more cyclists.”

Crystal Yezman, Facilities and Watershed Division manager for the MMWD, said the agency’s board …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News