Guest editorial: Ray Keener says industry is dinged, not busted

By Steve Frothingham

By Ray Keener

Editor’s note: Keener is the executive director of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association. But when it comes to this column, he said he is writing as Ray Keener, Industry Citizen and says the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the BPSA, its board or company members.

Wow, and we thought the ASE and Performance bankruptcy was a big deal. I thank BRAIN for allowing me a space to reflect on A Day That Will Live in Infamy. The Day Our Trade Show Died.

It was shocking but not surprising. Interbike’s people were usually selling hard this time of year, sending out contracts, taking deposits, sketching out a floor plan. Not happening. The jig was up. And the shock comes when you assess what a huge blow this is to our industry.

I’m hearing three categories of reactions out there; I’d like to address them one at a time:

One. The show was mismanaged, should have been held somewhere else, if they had only listened to me, i.e., I Told You So. Sorry gang, this is just not the case. Lance Camisasca, Andy Tompkins, Pat Hus, Justin Gottlieb, they all made annual and positive changes to …read more

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