Guest editorial: Linus Bikes’ Colin Ross on the future of IBDs

By Steve Frothingham

A counterpoint to Don DiCostanzo’s recent guest editorial.

By Colin Ross

Editor’s note: Colin Ross is the global sales manager for Linus Bikes. This guest editorial is in response to the ASE bankruptcy and the guest editorial from Don DiCostanzo that BRAIN published earlier this week.

The recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the owners of Performance Bicycle should be a wake-up call for every bike brand who thinks that a vertically integrated delivery process is the answer to their market struggles. Even with the competitive advantage of an established retail network, the manufacturing group with the 11th largest US bike brand (as measured by IBD penetration) wasn’t able to overcome the baggage that came along with the Performance stores and develop a successful retail strategy.

While I agree that shoppers are looking for a pleasurable shopping experience (and the data certainly supports that idea), consumers are also looking for confidence in their decisions. This confidence can come from being able to compare the options and choose the item that fits best. That’s a sentiment that hasn’t been lost on the most successful car dealerships. Even a cursory exploration of the top volume auto groups …read more

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