BRAIN goes ‘For the Record’

By Steve Frothingham

LONGMONT, Colo. (BRAIN) — You may have noticed a new section at the top of our homepage: “For the Record.” We added the section a few months ago and it was called “Announcements” until recently; consider that a soft opening. Now it’s been renamed and moved up higher on the page to be more visible. This is the Grand Opening announcement.

We created the section so we could post press releases that in our judgment would be valuable to our readers, while freeing up editorial staff time to report and write stories that merit more attention. In the past, BRAIN staffers have spent considerable time rewriting, fact checking and following up on some press releases of minimal news value, keeping us from working on more important stories.

The press releases in For the Record are not edited, endorsed, or fact-checked by BRAIN editors, as we point out with a disclaimer at the top of each one. There is some editorial involvement, however: we review press releases as they arrive to make sure they are relevant for our audience and have some news value beyond being simple promotions like, “Big Widget Company announces free shipping this month.”

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