Mechanic Certification Schedule for CABDA West San Diego

By Steve Frothingham

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The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association today announced the schedule for hands-on certification at CABDA West.

PBMA’s Bicycle Mechanic Certification was initially rolled out in September at Interbike with about half the participants achieving a passing mark. PBMA’s President James Stanfill said, “Our team had to sit down and debate whether the process was too hard. At the end of the day, and with input from education professionals, we agreed that our certification is based on process and safety and we are happy with where we are today.”

The in-person testing involves essentially the mechanic demonstrating their proficiency at safely assembling a bicycle. They are given a bare frame (custom-built compact units by United Bicycle Institute), a SRAM group, and all the Park Tools necessary to build up the frame with the main components of a road bicycle. Each element of proper installation, torque spec, and attention to detail are scored individually, with a particular emphasis on safety. A 90-minute time limit is given to complete the build, with a 92.5% or better required score to …read more

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