SRAM’s Versatile Driver Body Platforms Continue to Expand

By Steve Frothingham

Chicago, IL – November 16, 2018 – Since 2012, SRAM’s XD® and XDR® rear hub driver bodies have established a universal mounting system for cassettes that incorporate cogs with fewer than 11 teeth. The interfaces make light weight wide-range cassettes possible without requiring new rear axle standards, hub redesigns, or even new cassette tools. Nearly 90 wheel and hub manufacturers have licensed the technology, and more are added every month, making it cycling’s most widely adopted 10-tooth start freehub body design.

“New wheel and hub manufacturers are adopting our platform regularly, we have nearly 90 partners now, and we hope its use continues to broaden. The goal was to provide everyone with a simple solution for adopting wide cassette ranges,” said Kevin Wesling, SRAM’s Director of Advanced Development.

“SRAM’s XD platform is really easy to use from the retailer perspective. Most wheel brands have XD driver kits available to retrofit existing rear wheels and it makes selling SRAM simple and easy. And it’s refreshing to see advancements in our sport made available to multiple vendors for the ease of dealers and customers,” said Matt Adams, President of Mike’s Bikes.

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News