Guest Editorial: A tribute to Bill Duehring

By Steve Frothingham

By Megan Duehring

Editor’s note: Megan Duehring is the daughter of Bill Duehring, who stepped down as president of Felt Bicycles last month.

After almost 50 years in the bike industry, my father, Bill Duehring, has decided to part ways with Felt Bicycles and take some time for himself to focus on family and health. He has never liked being in the spotlight, simply putting his head down and giving everything his all without asking for recognition or acknowledgment of any kind, but I think this is overdue. He is hands down the hardest working individual I have ever met. He is passionate, loyal, driven, and an example to everyone of what hard work can bring you.

He wasn’t given anything in this life. Bill came from very humble beginnings with a father who instilled a work ethic second to none. Bill worked endlessly for everything he has today. As a teen, he worked in my granddad’s bike shop after school. As a young man, he swept floors at Jamis Bicycles and worked his way into sales then product development where he designed the mountain bike line for Ron Jamis.

In 1985, after 7.5 years with Jamis, he made the decision …read more

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