Guest Editorial: Retailer defends his supplier’s programs

By Stephen Frothingham

By Charles Verral

Editor’s note: Charles Verral is the owner of Rob & Charlies, a long-standing bike shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He wrote this Guest Editorial in response to his employee’s comments quoted in a BRAIN story published last week.

I was reading Matt Weibe’s excellent article on tariff implications and was somewhat shocked to see a quote from my oldest employee disparaging my favorite brand, Giant, on two conflated issues. (“Buy, buy, buy … famous for frontloading.”)

I guess I should be glad that my employee, who has supervised our buying for over 20 years, is being careful with my money. However, as a business owner, I have a very different perspective.

I appreciate Giant’s thoughtful and prescient actions to protect our emerging e-bike market in difficult times. They have, among other moves, brought merchandise into this country in advance of the tariffs. It is only sensible for them to want to get this inventory out to the public as widely and rapidly as possible. Since they are providing generous credit terms, the amount of risk to a retail store is minimized and the upside is that a bad situation could indeed be turned into better sales.

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