Pioneer revamps its power meter line, brings pedaling metrics to Wahoo headunit

By Stephen Frothingham

RENO, Nev. (BRAIN) — At Interbike Pioneer is announcing many changes across its line of power meters, including the addition of its own new headunit, a new mobile app, and the addition of its advanced pedaling metrics to Wahoo’s GPS units.

Pioneer and Wahoo unveiled the changes at a preshow event Tuesday morning.

“We are pretty much replacing everything in our lineup,” said Pioneer’s Russ Johnston.

In an increasingly crowded — but still growing — product segment, Johnston said Pioneer continues to emphasize two key points about its line: the products’ “bulletproof” durability and the power meters’ ability to measure and display dynamic pedaling information. Pioneer measures force directions every 30 degrees, 12 times per crank rotation for each leg, and the company said that can help riders learn to pedal more efficiently.

On the hardware side, Pioneer continues to offer Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra road cranks outfitted with one or two power sensors. Between the various chainring sizes and crank lengths, Pioneer has 15 Dura-Ace SKUs and 15 Ultegra SKUs, in dual-sided or left-side only options. Pioneer also continues to offer kits so that riders who already own the Shimano cranks can add power sensors, starting at $500 for …read more

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