Bianchi’s women ambassadors go beyond to brand to promote cycling

By Stephen Frothingham

Editor’s note: A version of this story appeared in the Sept. 1 issue of BRAIN.

KILLINGTON, Vt. (BRAIN) — Beyond merely promoting the Italian bike brand, Bianchi’s new U.S. women’s ambassador program is designed to get more people into the sport — and into bike shops, said Heather Mason, the program’s coordinator.

The program, launched this spring, is called the Bianchi Dama Ambassador Team (“dama” is Italian for “lady”) and currently includes 25 women of varying ages, locations and cycling experience. Bianchi dealers help Mason identify the members from among their customers.

“What we wanted was people that are influential, excited, happy and super passionate about cycling,” Mason said. After recently spending three days in Vermont with several Dama members, as well as some Bianchi dealers, Mason said the dealers “nailed it” with their selections.

The team includes a physician, a chiropractor, a 60-year-old librarian, some college students and more.

The ambassadors receive a Bianchi riding kit and helmet and are offered a 30 percent discount on a new Bianchi through their local shop. In return, Mason said, they are asked to host four events a year, post on social media and “talk about cycling whenever they are out and about.”

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