Polar revamps multisport watch line with two new Vantage models

By Stephen Frothingham

KEMPELE, Finland (BRAIN) — Polar is releasing two new multisport watches this fall, the Vantage V and Vantage M, which offer new technology including a new wrist-based heart rate sensor said to be more accurate than other similar products. The watches also offer battery life of up to 40 hours or training time, new training load and recovery features and the ability to calculate running power with no additional sensors.

The Vantage V, whcih retails for $499.90, is geared toward elite athletes while the Vantage M, at $279.90, is an affordable options for recreational athletes.

Both feature Precision Prime, a wrist-based HR technology that integrates three sensors, nine optical channels, a 3D accelerometer and four electrode sensors to measure skin contact.

The Vantage V offers battery life for 40 hours of training time (with full heart rate and GPS usage) and Polar Vantage M offers 30 hours.

New coaching features include Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro (in Vantage V only) to let athletes know when they’re under-training, have a productive session, or are at risk for over-training/injury.

Polar Flow for Coach has been updated to allow coaches develop seasonal training calendars. Coaches can create workouts within Polar Flow and …read more

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