A new company offers ’Super Magnesium’ alloy for bike frames and parts

By Stephen Frothingham

Allite’s parent, UWHK Limited, also owns Huffy Bicycles and recently built a factory in China to manufacture the alloys, which are said to be light, recyclable and less expensive than carbon.

DAYTON, Ohio (BRAIN) — Allite, Inc., a new materials sciences company that manufactures metal alloys, has announced that its proprietary Super Magnesium alloy is now available to the cycling industry.

Magnesium has been used regularly in the bike industry for frames, rims, and for most suspension fork legs. But Allite said its material is more flexible, allowing it to accommodate various manufacturing processes including forging, extruding, die casting and welding, and it can be finished in a number of ways.

According to Allite president Bruno Maier, the alloy can be used in place of carbon, aluminum and steel, and offers a strength-to-weight ratio that is appropriate for the cycling industry and other markets, including transportation and mobility, outdoor and sporting goods.

“By using different formulas, we can come up with different properties. If we need to increase strength or shock absorption or elongation or reduce those, we can change formulas,” said Maier. “There are a lot of market benefits and there is an opportunity to build OEM components like …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News