Park Tool sues Real World Cycling over tool color

By Stephen Frothingham

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Park Tool is suing Real World Cycling, an Arizona specialty bike tool maker, over the shade of anodizing on three of RWC’s aluminum tools. Park has held a trademark on use of blue on bike tools since 2008.

RWC specializes in suspension service tools and supplies. The company’s owner, Chris Streeter, said it uses varying color anodizing on different tool sizes to help mechanics quickly identify the right tool for the job. He said he has offered to change to a different shade that he feels is significantly different Park’s trademark blue, but that Park “claim(s) to ‘own’ the entire spectrum of blue, which I found, and still find, to be a preposterous claim.”

Streeter, who said he feels he is being “bullied” by Park, told BRAIN he intends to defend the suit.

“It will cost my small family business thousands of dollars to defend against these false allegations, which amount to nothing short of an attempt to use the greater financial resources of a large corporation to bully my small company in to making concessions that Park Tool has no legal right to demand,” he said. “Perhaps to my own detriment, my …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News