Fox taking ‘halo product’ approach to launching Live Valve suspension feature

By Stephen Frothingham

Limited numbers of bikes with the new $2,000 upgrade are hitting the market, allowing Fox and bike brands to educate retailers on it.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (BRAIN) — As a $2,000 upgrade, Fox’s new Live Valve electronic suspension control system certainly fits the “halo product” category. And the suspension brand is rolling out the system with a handful of bike brands, who, in turn, are selling Live Valve-equipped bikes through a handful of their top retailers initially.

That makes it a more manageable task for Fox and the bike brands — Pivot, Giant and Scott to start — to educate their dealers on the new system, said Mark Jordan, Fox Factory’s global communications manager.

“We’ve got tech vans all over the world that do that stuff, including three in the U.S. They will visit some of those key shops. Those are the shops that will get the bikes first and the guys who are the most interested in it and are better equipped to handle it,” Jordan said.

In addition to the tech vans, Fox has dealer education materials on its website and the bike brands that use Live Valve are also training their dealers on it.

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News