Guest editorial: Pure Cycle’s president explains how his company is dealing with e-bike tariffs

By Stephen Frothingham

By Michael Fishman

Editor’s note: Michael Fishman is the co-founder and president of Pure Cycles (originally called Pure Fix), which sells traditional bikes and e-bikes through IBDs and consumer direct. This article has been edited slightly for BRAIN’s audience; Fishman’s original article is on

I’m writing this to give you a glimpse into how a small business owner is dealing with the recent increase in tariffs on Chinese-made goods being imported into the U.S. In this post, I will give you a quick background on the tariffs, how the tariffs impact my company, Pure Cycles, what I did to try to stop the tariffs from happening, what the bike industry did to stop the tariffs, and why this is bad for the bike industry and future potential bike riders.

A Bit of Background
Earlier this year in March I was getting non-stop questions from friends/family/employees about increases in tariffs for steel and aluminum coming from China into the United States. I made it my mission to talk with friends within the steel industry, and scoured articles and various sources of bicycle industry news to find out how and if this was ever going to directly impact importing …read more

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