Injury & Recovery: Tips from a crashed out cyclist.

By Lori Nedescu

written by Amelia Kirby @Oatmealia

Photo Credit: RobotFresh

In cycling, it is a common refrain to hear that “crashing is a part of racing”; that being said, there is only way to learn that- the hard way. While crashing is inevitable, proper recovery and treatment is not. Recovering from an injury is a skill as important as training and nutrition. Messing up your recovery can mean jeopardizing the rest of your season, which as we all know is a worse-case scenario. This was not my first crash of the season, but going down the last day of racing at Intelligentsia Cup would be the one to take me off the bike and force me to face proper recovery.

I’m sharing my current recovery strategy and ‘off the bike’ lessons to help other athletes manage their own injury in a more positive and healthful way. These are tried and true methods to stay sane and get back to racing asap.

Do what your doctor says. To people outside of sport, this may seem like a no-brainer, but getting on the bike is never more tempting than when you’ve been laid up for an extended period of time. If the doctor …read more

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