E-road bikes are big in Europe, but the hot new motor is waiting for US approval

By Stephen Frothingham

Lighter, discrete drive units are tuned for sporty road use. “You just maybe use (the motor) for 20 minutes.”

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — It was a hard-to-miss trend at Eurobike this year. Electric drive systems are now appearing on the holiest of holy bikes: the high-end performance road bike.

Several brands, including classic road bike brands like Pinarello, Wilier Triestina, Bianchi and Focus, have launched new e-road bike models, and other brands are queuing up their own offerings.

Many of these bikes are coming to the U.S. market — but not as quickly as their brands would prefer. That’s because the hot drive system of the moment, the compact Evation unit made by Munich startup Fazua, has not yet received U.S. regulatory approval. Fazua officials expect to receive the green light in the first half of 2019.

Focus, for example, is champing at the bit to begin selling its Paralane Squared e-road bikes in the U.S. The bikes are now hitting European markets.

The delay “affects us on a daily basis. We get requests, definitely on a weekly basis, from end consumers or retailers about this bike,” said Andreas Krajewski, marketing manager for North America. “We actually see the consumer pull …read more

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