Huffy CEO says US missed its chance to protect domestic bike manufacturing

By Stephen Frothingham

Trump administration’s protectionist actions come “Twenty years too late,” Bill Smith plans to tell the USTR. He also plans to speak out in defense of IBDs.

DAYTON, Ohio (BRAIN) — If the Trump administration is imposing tariffs on Chinese bikes in an effort to protect domestic bike manufacturing, Huffy’s CEO says that ship has sailed.

“The assumption the proposed 25 percent tariff provides competitive relief to a domestic industry is 20 years too late,” Bill Smith plans to tell the U.S. Trade Representive and other members of the Section 301 Committee later this week, according to planned remarks he submitted to the USTR on Aug. 10.

Smith pointed out that Huffy and fellow domestic bike markers Roadmaster and Murray had petitioned the USTR 20 years ago for relief from aggressive pricing from Chinese importers.

“Our request was denied on the grounds that the administration was not going to interfere in developing economic relations with China due to problems with the bicycle industry. The failure to support our request subsequently resulted in Huffy closing three domestic bicycle plants and the termination of over 2,000 employees. Roadmaster and Murray suffered the same fate; factories closed, employees were laid off. And bicycle …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News