Grand Rapids’ Village Bike Shop founder sells company to longtime employee

By Stephen Frothingham

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (BRAIN) — Village Bike & Fitness, a four-store chain in the greater Grand Rapids area, has announced that 25-year veteran employee Cory Bultman has purchased the company from owners Dale Phelps and Pam Kruse.

Bultman began working for Village Bike Shop on Kalamazoo Avenue and 44th Street in 1993 at the age of 15. “He was just a young high school kid who loved bikes, so we put him to work sweeping the floor and taking out the trash,” said Phelps. He added, “When the time was right to open a fourth location on the north side of town in 2001, there was no question that Cory should be the manager. That store has seen consistent growth. In 2003 Cory and I attended our first of eight science-based bike fitting schools and began offering our customers the ability ride farther and faster with more comfort and less injury. For the past several years Cory has been training new store managers and gradually taking over more of the general operations of the company.”

“When I started Village in 1974 I didn’t have much of a strategic plan but was blessed with many special connections and opportunities over the …read more

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