VeloNews study names names, asks what brands its readers own and what they plan to buy next

By Stephen Frothingham

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — There are more than a few surprises contained in VeloNews’ recent Audience Study, which surveyed over 5,200 of the media brand’s readers and online followers in what the magazine’s publisher is calling “by far the most detailed media audience survey done in the bike industry in at least 25 years.”

While most publishers survey their readers in hopes of showing potential advertisers how receptive their audience would be to their promotions, the new VeloNews study goes a few steps further, asking detailed questions about what its readers spend money on, how they shop and what they intend to buy next.

Among the surprises: while nearly all use the internet to find cycling information (on average 12.5 times a week), most (nearly 60 percent) still buy their bikes from their local bike shop. However, when asked what bike brand they intend to buy next, Canyon, a brand sold only online direct from the company, was the third most popular response, beating out many more established brands sold in stores. The most popular response was Specialized (34.8%), then Trek (29.4%), Canyon (23.3%), and Cannondale (20.8%).

The study’s respondents were unsurprisingly quite active cyclists: on average …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News