Working in the Cycling Industry: Tara Seplavy

By Pretty Damned Fast

Interviewed by Anna Maria Wolf

You might not know Tara Seplavy, but I can promise you that when you meet, youre going to end up being friends. She and I first met at my shop, Sun and Air at a yearly WTF meet up called Pretty Damned Social. Tara had come to present about her work at GT and her racing on Foxy Moxy. This yearly meet up takes place to foster connections across the industry, community and sport. When Tara had finished presenting, there wasn’t a person in the room that didn’t want to jump on a bike and play in the dirt!

Tara’s megawatt energy lights up the room, and her kindness and generosity are instantly apparent. She is funny, and she shows how much fun bikes can be. In a sport/community where people can be a little cliquish, Tara rolls out the red carpet to anyone interested in coming along for the ride.

In continuation of the “Meet” series, where we interview women in the cycling industry, we get to know Tara a little more. Balancing advocacy, work, racing and family life, Tara shows how bikes can be #srslyfun!

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Via:: Pretty Damned Fast