Outdoor Retailer Summer Market opens in Denver, with talk of tariffs and freight costs

By Stephen Frothingham

DENVER (BRAIN) — Outdoor Retailer Summer Market opened Monday to crowded halls, but suppliers and retailers were worried about the impact of Trump administration tariffs and rising freight costs in the U.S. market.

One Eagle, Colorado, company, QuietKat, is deeply concerned over proposed tariffs on e-bikes. Chase Perry, the company’s sales manager, said he’s uncertain what the impact a proposed 25 percent tariff would have on the company’s sales.

QuietKat makes all-terrain e-bikes for the hunting, fishing and camping markets. Camo paint sets them apart from traditional IBD offerings, but the bikes are well-spec’d and well-made with prices exceeding $4,100 for some models.

Perry said the company got into the broader e-bike market after supplying fat-tire e-bikes for industrial markets. It entered the outdoor market promoting heavy-duty e-bikes for hunters and fishermen. Models top out at 70 pounds.

“Right now, as a supplier, we’re thinking this could add a minimum of $150 to our pricing,” Perry said. That could be amplified once more at retail. The aluminum-frame bikes, sporting Bafang motors and Shimano components, are made in China. “It’s the uncertainty that has us worried,” he said.

Joel Grabenstein, Yakima’s senior director of marketing, said the uncertainty over tariffs is delaying …read more

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