With threatened European and US tariffs on Chinese e-bikes, Taiwan hopes to take over

By Stephen Frothingham

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Taiwanese e-bike exports were up 34 percent in units and 55 percent in dollars through April, as the country’s bicycle industry rapidly gears up to supply e-bikes to the world.

The European Union is enacting tariffs ranging from 80 percent to 170 percent on e-bikes made in China, and the U.S. is threatening a 25 percent tariff on Chinese e-bikes as well, causing suppliers to increasingly look to the island for production.

“With the attractiveness of lower-priced, mass-market Chinese e-bikes now drastically reduced due to protective tariffs in the substantial American and European markets, Taiwanese manufacturers are perfectly poised to exploit this opening for their own e-bikes,” read a news release from the Taipei Cycle Show organizers this week.

The Taiwan Bicycle Association, which provided the export figures cited in the release, said e-bike exports through the first four months year totaled 83,000 units, valued at $113 million. Standard bike exports were down nearly 12 percent for the period, to 740,000 units.

Taiwan was Europe’s second largest source of e-bikes last year, behind China. The volume of e-bikes Taiwan is shipping there has skyrocketed — the 2017 total of 126,000 bikes was three times the number from …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News