Dirty Kanza 200: Meet Kristi Mohn of “200 Women Riding 200 Miles”

By Pretty Damned Fast

Kristi Mohn, one of the Dirty Kanza organizers and founder of the “200 Women Riding 200 Miles” initiative. Photo by Linda Guerrette

Interview by Allie Mariano

There was a moment during this year’s Dirty Kanza race when Kristi Mohn found herself in a paceline of about five women. The other women didn’t necessarily know she was one of the race’s organizers and founder of the “200 Women, 200 Miles” campaign, but they were all working together. “They were cheering each other on. I had tears in my eyes,” she recalled. Since getting involved with Dirty Kanza, Kristi has been doing her part to get more women riding bikes.

For those unfamiliar, Dirty Kanza is a 206-mile gravel race through Kansas known for being one of the most challenging endurance events. Starting in Emporia, the course weaves through the beautiful, remote, and incredibly challenging Flint Hills. Besides gravel, the elements riders face over the course of 12 to …read more

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