Becky Furuta: Race Day Essentials

By teamnovonordisk

When it comes to training for sports and living with diabetes, preparation is a key factor. What’s “essential”, however, can be different for everyone. Below, Team Novo Nordisk Ambassador Becky Furuta lists her Top 5 Essentials for race day.

Always have a plan

I never go out to train without a specific plan for the ride. Maybe I’m working on cadence, or doing hill repeats or intervals spread throughout a two-hour base ride…but I never just wing it.

I need structure and purpose. I’m busy with work and family, and I can’t afford to waste workouts doing things that won’t translate to success when I’m ready to race. I know what I’m doing today, tomorrow, and right through to next Friday.


When you have diabetes, it’s easy to get caught up thinking about nutrition and food, but hydration is equally important. And dehydration can totally break a race or cut short a day of training. So I always track my intake of water throughout the ride. For me, it’s one bottle every hour, at least.


I eat the same breakfast every time I race, and I keep my nutrition on the bike pretty consistent for training. Consistency makes it easier for me to …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk