New bike fit tool, VeloAngle, takes a novel approach to measuring a position

By Stephen Frothingham

VeloAngle measures the angle between points on the bikes, instead of using the typical X-Y coordinate system.

LAKE ORION, Mich. (BRAIN) — VeloAngle is a new bike fitting and setup tool that allows users to quickly record and duplicate bike setup. The product is being marketed to retailers, bike fitters, race team mechanics and consumers.

VeloAngle measures the relative positions of the bottom bracket (or pedal spindle center), the saddle and the handlebars. Instead of a traditional X-Y coordinate system, the VeloAngle measures the distances and angles, using an integrated digital inclinometer or a smartphone’s angle app. A web-based app is also available to convert measurements to and from an X-Y system.

The tool was developed by mechanical engineer Dave Archer, a cycling enthusiast who became frustrated with available measuring systems and tools.

“The first thing that was clearly inefficient was reliance on the X-Y basis of measurement. This didn’t come about because it was the best way, but as a result of the traditional bubble level’s limitation of vertical and horizontal measurement,” he said.

He said the VeloAngle’s direct method eliminates the time and potential error associated with determining the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) planes.

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News