More than a Kit

By Lori Nedescu

Written by: Lori Nedescu @CadenceKitchen

I remember when I bought my first pair of cycling shorts. I hesitantly picked them off the bike shop wall and bought them. The shop only had two types so I picked the pricier pair at $45, which seemed like a hefty amount for spandex shorts (not bibs!) that had a slab of leather sewn in to the crotch. Yes, I said leather. They were terribly uncomfortable and I pitched them into the trash not long after the initial purchase. A waste of $45 yes, but a lesson and journey into what to wear whilst riding. The more I rode, the more I began to discovered that dressing to ride bikes was a big part of riding bikes; for function, style, and status.

As my cycling progressed and became more frequent, cycling kits (& socks, gloves, etc…) took up more room in my closet and began to outweigh the amount of ‘normal’ clothing in my possession. At first, it felt like I was giving up my personal style for generic brands of neon reflective sportswear. Luckily, as the years went on, more and more brands started to pop up, offering an array of unique styles, …read more

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