WTF Bike Explorers

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words & Photos by Becca Book

Last summer some ladies from the bike industry, brand ambassadors, and your favorite bike packing Insta-celebrities (in some cases, this all describes the same person!) got together in Whitefish, Montana. The lonely gravel roads with sweeping views, dense forests and dramatic ridge lines inspired them to share this experience with others, and bringing more w/t/f- nonbinary identifying humans into the bikepacking world. Jocelyn recounts how the idea initially started blooming ‘Molly and I started emailing back and forth – although we’d never met before, we jumped right into a three day bikepacking trip with another friend of ours, Jude. Molly and I both knew Whitney separately and we both went up to Montana to ride the Red Pass Loop for her birthday – that’s the first time I remember talking seriously about making a bikepacking summit happen.’

To hear some of the founders of WTF Bikexplorers describe it, the idea to organize the first WTF focused summit around adventure cycling was as obvious as the concept is simple – Invite womxn from around the country and the world to share a weekend of raccoon stories, campfires, talks and workshops in the most scenic location you …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast