Department of Commerce publishes tariff exclusion rules

By Stephen Frothingham

WASHINGTON (BRAIN ) — Companies looking to get exclusions from new steel and aluminum tariffs must apply according to rules set out by the Department of Commerce on Monday.

“These procedures will allow the Administration to further hone these tariffs to ensure they protect our national security while also minimizing undue impact on downstream American industries,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement on Monday. “Domestic industry will be able to apply for exclusions through a fair and transparent process run through Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security.”

Separate exclusion requests must be submitted for each unique steel or aluminum product import. The exclusion requester must provide factual information on 1) the single type of steel product they require using a 10-digit HTSUS code, including its specific dimension; 2) the quantity of product required (stated in kilograms) under a one-year exclusion; 3) a full description of the properties of the steel product it seeks to import, including chemical composition, dimensions, strength, toughness, ductility, magnetic permeability, surface finish, coatings, and other relevant data.

The requests will be evaluated on whether there is a domestic source of the metal products in sufficient quantity and quality, as well as whether the imports …read more

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