Shimano or Shimona? Knock-offs spotted on bikes brought to shops for service and assembly

By Stephen Frothingham

Mechanics say Shinano, Shimona and SunRun components are showing up on bikes bought online.

SAN ANTONIO (BRAIN) — Mechanics across the country are reporting that bikes brought in for service or assembly are coming spec’d with knock-off components. Often, customers bring the bikes in new in the box and mechanics are have trouble setting them up to work properly. Customers also are unaware that they bought a bike with look-alike components.

“We had a customer who thought they were getting a great deal on an online bike with Shimano gear system, but a closer look shows the bike is equipped with Shinano gear system,” said Whit Snell, owner of Bike World, which has four stores in San Antonio. “We have also seen Shimona parts and instead of SunRace, they equip with SunRun,” he added.

The knock-offs use very similar fonts and logos that make it easy for them to be confused for the untrained eye.

“It’s a daily occurrence now with people buying so many bikes online and getting completely ripped off by fakes,” Snell said.

Snell noted that the bike brand that’s showing up with these look-alike components has the “Aspen” brand on the downtube. Most …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News