Changing Diabetes® in Children: Uganda

By teamnovonordisk


Meet Immy Anne, a 14-year-old in Uganda that is living and thriving with type 1 diabetes after she was lucky enough that a doctor recognized her symptoms.

Immy Ann, living with type 1 in Uganda

The cicadas sing in the tall grass as I talk to Immy Anne at the front porch of her home in the outskirts of Kampala’s buzzing traffic. I met her during a visit to our Changing Diabetes® in Children program in Uganda.

Her doctor described her as stubborn; to me she is refreshingly outspoken – about her government, ignorant health personnel and about moving with the hope.

“You are more than life savers,” she says. “You are more than the government in my country. You have done more than enough. I thank you Novo Nordisk. Not only for keeping me alive but for continuing to enhance and improve our lives. If I could have sent you a cake, I would have sent you one.” And so, this 14 year old girl goes on in a very heartfelt video to thank the company which has its name on the lifesaving vials of insulin that she receives at the clinic …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk