New Interbike podcast touches on e-bike research, retail growth, battery changes

By Stephen Frothingham

Bicycle Retailer’s Doug McClellan joins retailer Jim Strang and Raleigh Electric’s Rob Kaplan participate in the latest podcast.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (BRAIN) — A new survey of 1,800 e-bike owners done by Portland State University and the University of Tennessee found that that most e-bike owners are very satisfied and really like their e-bikes (96 percent), because they are “fun” and “exciting” to ride. Most also said that they feel a lot safer on an e-bike than they do on a conventional bike, and they ride a lot farther and a lot more often than they used to ride a conventional bike.

Bicycle Retailer’s Doug McClellan wrote about the survey findings for the magazine’s upcoming March 15 issue, and he’s interviewed for Interbike – The Podcast’s second episode. He also talks about how bike shares in many U.S. cities are investing in e-bikes to add to their fleets.

Retailer Jim Strang of Spokes Etc. has been successfully selling e-bikes at all six of his Northern Virginia stores for the past four years, and he discusses how the category has become a big revenue stream for his shops as commuters look for alternatives to driving their cars.

And Raleigh Electric’s Rob Kaplan provides a …read more

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