Mandy Marquardt: Challenging Stereotypes & Changing Diabetes

By teamnovonordisk

Meet Mandy Marquardt, the inspirational Team Novo Nordisk athlete who’s breaking down barriers and changing diabetes on her way to the Olympics.

Mandy Marquardt:

I was born in Germany. I moved over to the States when I was seven. My parents thought I’d be safer on the track, instead of being on the road.

I went back to Germany, though, when I was 14. And there I was diagnosed. I thought it was something that I did. Living with type 1 diabetes, ]I thought was a huge setback in the beginning. But when I found Team Novo Nordisk, ]all these athletes with type 1 diabetes competing, and I wanted to be a part of that. It’s almost like family.

I give the Pro Men a lot of credit, they go through stage racing, and tons of races throughout the year. When I go through a sprint tournament, or keirin racing at a World Cup, it definitely feels like I am racing a stage race. At Pan Am’s I raced five days straight.

I’m a 13-time national champion, I hold two national records in the team sprint and the 500m time trial with my partner Maddie Godby. …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk