Winter Bike Commuting 101

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words: Jes Slavin | Interviewees: Sarah Knight, Rachel Gehringer-Wair

Winter Bike Commuters are always seen as completely badass, rolling into the office seemingly unaware of the windchill or snow outside despite having just biked through it. How do they do it? Do they have superpowers? I consulted two badass bikers from Lincoln, Nebraska to share their secrets:. I chatted with long time bike advocate and beast of the winter bike commute, Sarah Knight, and a cyclist currently crushing her second season of winter commuting, and Rachel Gehringer-Wair.

1. Anyone can be a commuter.

The first step to becoming a wintertime biking badass is to not worry too much about the gear when you first start. “Any bike you commute on is a commuter,” says Sarah Knight. She recommends getting fenders to keep yourself clean, but you can do without them. Rachel says to “work with what you have, because you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, then you can invest in new things. That’s my general cycling motto, try the thing first and then spend the money where you feel it’s necessary.”

2. Cover your face.

Good lights and sunglass or goggles are definitely necessary. In the winter, both of your commutes may be dark …read more

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