PBMA launches mechanic certification

By Stephen Frothingham

Mechanic association promotes new program at CABDA.

CHICAGO (BRAIN) – The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association is talking up its new certification program for members at the Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealer Association Show this week, where PBMA president James Stanfill and PBMA board member Jenny Kallista from Appalachian Bicycle Institute are manning a booth.

The PBMA is launching the online certification for members here. It sent an email to mechanics and shop members last week with details of the process and links to the online exam. Only PBMA members are able to access the certification for now, which is free for them. Non-members will be able to take the test starting in June for a fee.

The certification for members consists of a 50-question online test, which Stanfill said focuses on bike safety, including questions on proper assembly, adjustment of brakes and drivetrains to ensure that nothing falls off and the bike is safe to ride. Mechanics have to achieve 100 percent on some questions and 90 percent on others to pass. Stanfill said this is the first-level, basic certification, but expects that the PBMA will develop more advanced levels of certification and testing.

The online test is hosted on Myagi, …read more

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