Opinion: The importance of professional tech training is growing

By Stephen Frothingham

By Jeff Donaldson

Editor’s note: Jeff Donaldson is the general manager and school director at Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Reading BRAIN’s report on the latest NPD data should have given us all a couple of ah-ha moments. The report provides a foundation for a new conversation about the growing importance of service. The report cites small changes — overall sales down, service sales up. As a career mechanic, these small changes are very encouraging: If the overall income in bike shops is shrinking while service income is increasing, it means that service is seeing a larger share of importance within the full scope of a retailer’s income. Please pardon some oversimplification here, but some repair shops were able to grow in 2017 and take a bite or two out of a $13 million pie. Exercising the logic can conclude that improving a service department’s performance is a competitive opportunity.

How do we keep growing? One of the simplest answers is training. If you want to be competitive in anything, it isn’t enough to do it, you must do it well. Having bike wizards on staff is a fallacy. The bicycle is a machine and it should be …read more

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