Twin Peaks Tour with Showers Pass

By Kelly Neuner

By Kelly Neuner

For me, no trip is complete without bringing along my bike. After booking tickets to visit one of my teammates Becca in Seattle, I hopped online to search the surrounding area for ride destinations – and found the filming locations for Twin Peaks were just an hour outside the city.

Knowing I’m not a fan of wet, cold weather, I reached out to Showers Pass to test a few of their pieces guaranteed to keep me and my friend dry: their Lightweight Waterproof Crosspoint Socks, Waterproof Knit Gloves, and Rogue Hoodie. I’d tested out the socks and gloves at a demo day a few months back. They felt just like regular knit gloves, but after trying them on and fully submerging them in a bowl of water, I was amazed that they held up to their fully-waterproof claim. But how would they fare during a 40- to 50-mile ride?

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