UBI announces new curriculum and manual for Pro Mechanics and Shop Operation class

By Stephen Frothingham

ASHLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — The United Bicycle Institute has announced an updated curriculum and manual for its 80-hour Professional Mechanics and Shop Operation class.

“Over the past 2 1/2 years, thousands of hours have been spent rethinking, rewriting and redefining what we consider the perfect manual for the best class we can teach,” said UBI’s president, Ron Sutphin.

The new devotes additional time to subjects like derailleur and drivetrain adjustment, as well as addition of a complete DT Swiss hub rebuild. A spokesman for UBI said instructors were able to incorporate the expanded content by tightening some time previously devoted to topics including frame materials and instruction.

“Essentially, there has been no hands-on work, nor lessons omitted from the class. Any other time we’ve gained is due to more efficient use of the time we have allotted to each given topic, and a more streamlined transition from one topic to another,” said UBI’s Richard Belson.

The updated manual is available only to new graduates of the class, although UBI is looking in to making it available to past graduates as well.