Product Review: CycleOps Hammer Smart Trainer

By Lori Nedescu

Product tested & reviewed by: Lori Nedescu @CadenceKitchen

I’d say this is more of a personal experience than a product review, but take it how you’d like. I ride. I ride a lot, over 12,000 miles in 2017 and plan to top that in 2018. These miles consist of a mix of fun rides with friends, epic endurance trips, solo sufferfests, focused intervals, and races at the women’s P1/2 level. Riding at this level requires dedication, commitment, and honestly a bit of misery. Misery eh? Yes, a whole lot of misery in the form of pain, soreness, sweat, eating too many gels, laundering too much spandex, early wake ups, and trainer rides. Riding on the trainer is like running on a treadmill; it is at the point that the necessity of the workout takes over and fun, adventure, and any shred of enjoyment is gone. Runners hate the treadmill (dreadmill!) and cyclists hate the trainer (drainer?). Inside workouts require a higher level of dedication to complete; the temp is hotter, air is stagnant, there’s excessive sweating, staring at a wall…

Of course, there are a handful of individuals who tolerate these bland, monotonous workouts quite well. I consider myself …read more

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